Proficiency Profile

“Success is the result of the effectual endeavour” Toppers of the Std XII.In the Higher Secondary Examination held during March 2014, 178 students appeared for the Examination. 30 of our students scored above 1100 and 59 of our students scored above 1000.

The Academic Achievers

  • Rakshana Shree.M.S.L. has secured the first rank with an excellent total of 1183/1200. She has bagged District III Rank.
  • Keerthana Sankari.S has received the second rank with the score of 1167/1200.
  • Mahalakshmi.S stands the third with the score of 1164/1200.
  • In Tamil, Gunalini@Muthupetchi, B.Akshaya and Rakshana Shree.M.S.L. have secured 191/200.
  • In Hindi, G.Sangeetha has got 190/200.
  • In French, S.Keerthana Sankari has received 198/200.
  • In English, Rakshana Shree.M.S.L., B.Akshaya and O.S.Aswini Seshma have scored 194/200.
  • In Mathematics, Sharmila pooja.S has got 200/200.
  • In Physics, Rakshana Shree.M.S.L. has secured 199/200.
  • In Chemistry, Rakshana Shree.M.S.L. has got 200/200.
  • In Biology, Rakshana Shree.M.S.L. stands first with the score of 200/200.
  • Four of our students – Anisha.k, Mahalakshmi.S, Subhasree.V and Dimple.M – have secured 200/200 in Commerce.
  • Anisha.K, Mahalakshmi.S, Soundarya.V and SubaSree.V have got 200/200 in Accountancy.
  • In Economics, Soundarya.V has received 197/200.
  • The double centum holder in Business Maths is S.Mahalakshmi.
  • Gowsalya.K has scored 199/200 in Computer Science.

SSLC Examination Result – 2014 A total of 194 students appeared for the SSLC Examination held in March – 2014 and the school recorded cent percent result. 21 students have secured above 460. 142 students have scored above 450.

The School Toppers

  • Poonkuzhali B stands first with the total of 498/500. (State-II)
  • The second rank is bagged by Pooja M who has scored 497/500. (State-III)
  • The Third rank is bagged by Neelaa R A who has scored 496/500.
  • The Third rank is bagged by Jaya Subha V who has scored 496/500.